Executive & Leadership Search


Any organization can greatly benefit from hiring the right people in the top positions. But how do you do it right?
“While making great people decisions is brutally hard, the good news is that this is not an art, or the result of intuition. This is a craft and a discipline that can be learned, and should be learned.
We at Squareroot are proud of having experienced professionals team for executive or leadership hiring.
Our Executive Search methodology concentrates on helping the clients achieve this advantage by identifying, assessing and recruiting the world's best talented business leaders and executives. We understand the needs from the perspective of both candidates and the client which helps is manage this process effectively.
We also ensure that quality, delivery and timelines are met consistently towards reaching our ultimate goal.

Permanent Staffing


For any organization employees are asset.

we understand the problems of hiring the permanent staff for the organization. We at Squareroot provide solution to permanent staffing with help of experienced and expert people in industry. We assist in recruiting for our client across all verticals through permanent staffing.

You will work with team which has wide range of its own recruitment network practice & knows your inside out of industry. We keep in mind of your company culture and environment.

Contract Staffing


In a growing organization contractual staffing plays very important role to build sustainable organization. But hiring a contractual employee with right attitude and skill is uphill task. We at Squareroot assist you in hiring contractual employee understanding the both the client and candidate prospective.

So that organization can concentrate on their core business not wasting a time on hiring a permanent staff.
For a candidate prospective get a right organization with good environment to work as a contract employee is difficult in modern era.

Recruitment Outsourcing


Increase in need of a key talent to executive multiple projects in constantly increasing competitive business world. Keeping demand and supply criteria in mind we assist fast growing, mid-sized, and giant companies to leverages the gap of hiring, branding, and taking care of holistic administrative coordinates.
We deploy in-house recruiter who will assist you in planning, managing entire recruitment process and be a part of your passive branding exercise. We manage customize RPO functions for our individual client which will be based on the criteria of resource, demands, pricing, volume and timeline.

Startup Hiring Services


"Taking marketing beyond the marketers" We are one among the enabler of Indian startup eco systems. Our core team has assisted more than 200+highend technical startup. We work closely with founding team members to investors (Seed/Angel/VC’s) to build their platform and core team. Our team has instrumental major role in taking startup to a global player. We assist early stage startups who are into stealth mode, seed funded, bootstrapped and who are moving for multiple series of funding.

Our expertise includes identifying right fit of all Tech/Non Tech talent.
We have close network of people who are from premium institute. We also work closely with venture capitalist to assist hiring needs of all their portfolios companies.
We provide platform for professionals who are product engineering to CTO, sales, digital marketing, branding, operations, finance, marketing and any C level hiring across the verticals.

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